33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - November 18, 2018 (Deacon John)

Power, many people strive to be in a position of power. They read and research how to make
themselves more impressive, more important, most easily heard. One method to assert oneself is to
stand and talk down to others, like I’m doing right now. Jesus, however, is seated as He is delivering His
message, His lesson to the disciples. He Has set Himself as their equal, no, their servant. He is teaching
from the student’s point of view. His message has double meaning, 1)for His upcoming Passion, death,
and Resurrection, and 2) for the end of time. Much of this is lost on His followers and that includes many
of us.

We are gathered here today because of the first message as we celebrate Jesus’ conquering death, His
Resurrection. Every Sunday celebration is an Easter celebration and the importance of this is what
makes Christianity so special, so hopeful, that there is an eternal life that we will share with our Lord and
Savior and all the Saints. Who here thinks or hopes to be a saint, raise your hand. I see we have a few
doubters... Remember, everyone who is heaven is a saint, it should be our goal. I know I’m not a saint
now, but with the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation, I (we) have a chance. St. Paul
wrote the Hebrews about sacrifices that were while were prayer could not forgive sins. Jesus, the
sacrificial Lamb, who offered Himself for our forgiveness. We are reminded of it here at the sacrifice of
the mass. Now Jesus is always ready to forgive us when we ask and are sincere, ready to do our best, but
we shouldn’t wait till the last minute.

The last minute, “...of that day or hour, no one knows”, the disciples were told to be ready, always! The
prophet Daniel talked of a time of distress, but promises hope for those who have died living God’s
words will awake from the dust and shall live forever. Jesus emphasizes this when He says, “Heaven and
earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away”.

This is our faith and hope, for ourselves and our loved ones who have passed away. The church year is
almost over and we close it talking about the rapture, the second coming of Christ and the end of time.

How ironic, we start the new year preparing for the coming of Christ, life truly is a circle and Jesus is
always there, the center of the circle, the center of life.

Power, I just thought of two times when someone seated and it is in a position of power and few wish to
be before them; a king and a judge. Next week is the feast of Christ the King, seated at the right hand of
the Father, He will judge the living and the dead.