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29th Sunday in Ordinary Time - October 20, 2019 (Deacon Thill)

Posted by Nicole Baumgartner

Here is what we prayed for in our Opening Prayer (the Collect)...we prayed... that we always conform our will to God's will and that we serve Him in sincerity of heart.

hear this...hear's what we prayed's one of the things we are praying or offering this Mass ... Read More »

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time - October 20, 2019 (Deacon MacDonald)

Posted by Nicole Baumgartner

Pray Always Without Becoming Weary

The story we just heard in the gospel is a parable. A parable is a factitious story that discloses a deeper meaning. It is a metaphor. This parable really has nothing to do with judges or plaintiffs. It has to do with prayer. And ... Read More »

Body and Blood of Christ - June 23, 2019 (Thoman)

Posted by Nicole Baumgartner

Scripture used: Gen 14:18-20 | I Cor 11:23-26 | Lk 9:11b-17

I. ”I, for my part, am already being poured out as a libation. The time has come for me to be gone. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

This reading, ... Read More »

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity - June 16, 2019 (Deacon Thill)

Posted by Nicole Baumgartner


A Solemnity is the highest feast of our church year.

We find ourselves in the midst of a series of solemnities…The Resurrection…

   The Ascension…Pentecost…today The Most Holy Trinity…

       and next weekend The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

                                                                                                (Corpus Christi).

Today we celebrate a unity of Three In One…The Most Holy ... Read More »

6th Sunday of Easter - May 26, 2019 (Thoman)

Posted by Nicole Baumgartner

Scripture used: Acts 15:1-2, 22-29, Rev. 21:10-14, 22-23, Jn 14:23-29

I. What are your hopes and expectations for (Drake/Luella, Evelyn)?

What do you envision for Drake/Luella, Evelyn when they are adults?

How will you get there? How will you achieve these goals?

II. I have a suggestion – help, guide, ... Read More »

4th Sunday of Easter - May 12, 2019 (Thoman)

Posted by Nicole Baumgartner

Scripture used: Acts 13:14, 43-52, Rev. 7:9, 14b-17, Jn 10:27-30

I. I am always amazed when I meet someone who has faced extreme adversity in life and still they remain faithful. Adversity like long-term illness, tragedies of death in their family, rejection by employers or family, the loss of a ... Read More »

3rd Sunday of Easter - May 5, 2019 (Thoman)

Posted by Nicole Baumgartner

Scripture: Acts 5:27-32, 40b-41, Rev. 5:11-14, Jn 21:1-19

“rejoicing that they had been found worthyto suffer dishonor for the sake of the name.”

I. Receive the light of Christ.Parents and godparents, this light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly. This child of yours has been enlightened by ... Read More »

2nd Sunday of Easter - April 28, 2019 (Thoman)

Posted by Nicole Baumgartner

Acts 5:12-16, Rev. 1:9-11a, 12-13, 17-19, Jn 20:19-31

“Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of his disciplesthat are not written in this book.

But these are written that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Christ,the Son of God, and that through this belief you ... Read More »

EASTER SUNDAY - April 21, 2019 (Thoman)

Posted by Nicole Baumgartner

Acts 10:34a, 37-43 | Col 3:1-4 | Jn 20:1-9

I. Take a moment to reflect upon the pathways of your life journey – whether yourlife span is relatively brief - or seasoned and matured…. What has happened? What have been the highpoints, the joys, theaccomplishments, the goals achieved?

And perhaps more ... Read More »

5th Sunday of Lent - April 7, 2019 (Thoman)

Posted by Nicole Baumgartner

Scripture: Is 43:16-21 | Phil 3:8-14 | Jn 8:1-11

I. A common saying we have in our culture is, “Think outside the box.” We’retrying to say – “break out of your old pattern of thinking” – look for new andcreative ways to do something…probably seek to accomplish the same purposebut in ... Read More »