Pastoral Care Ministry

Hospital/Long-term Care Facility/Homebound Pastoral Ministry

Our pastor, associate pastor and deacon make regular visits to area hospitals five days a week, with visits on weekends in the case of an emergency or request.

Pastoral care is also provided to our parishioners who are residents in long-term care facilities, sometimes referred to as nursing homes. The purpose of these visits is to bring the church to those who cannot get to church. In addition to our clergy staff, Holy Spirit Parish parishioners make visits to those in long-term care facilities.

Finally, we also provide pastoral care to members of our parish who are homebound. We have many parishioners who are homebound. This is an opportunity for us to get information to them and to keep our pastor, associate pastor, and staff apprised of their needs. Holy Spirit Parish parishioners make visits to the homebound. Our pastors visit homebound parishioners to celebrate the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Anointing of the Sick with them.

We are notified when when a parishioner is a patient in an area hospital, however, we are not notified when a person is admitted to the emergency room.  Please contact the parish office when you or a family member or a friend becomes home bound, enters the hospital/emergency room or a long-term care facility, so we can minister to you and/or them.

If you are interested in serving as part of the Pastoral ministry by visiting or bringing communion to the home bound,residents of long-term care facilities or those in the hospital, please contact the parish office.

Sacramental Life Ministry

In addition to all of this, our parish is responsible for the Sacramental Life of Sunnycrest Manor and Bethany Home. The pastor and associate pastor take turns celebrating Mass at Sunnycrest Manor once a month. Deacon Jim provides a Word and Communion Service for the residents of Sunnycrest Manor the other three weeks of the month. A retired priest living at Bethany Home celebrates Mass there for us. Our pastor and associate pastor celebrate the sacraments of the Anointing of the Sick and Reconciliation with the residents periodically.