Parish Committees

Holy Spirit Parish has multiple groups and organizations which provide opportunities for parishioners to share their time and talent. After reviewing the committees listed below, please feel free to contact the parish office to obtain the name(s) of the leadership person(s) involved in the group or organization for which you are interested.

Holy Spirit Pastoral Council 
The purpose of the Pastoral Council is to assist the pastor through consultation on all that pertains to the mission of the parish so that faith, knowledge, wisdom, ministry, and responsibility are shared for the well-being of the entire parish community. The Pastoral Council accomplishes this by formulating policies, systematically assessing needs, serving as a visible sign of the Church’s efforts to call forth the gifts of time and talent from the community, and providing an organization to oversee the development of consolidated services and to equitably share expenses.

The Pastoral Council also offers counsel to and collaborates with the pastor to provide the long-range planning which will guide the parish toward its future. Its purpose is to facilitate a process by which the mission of the parish is determined, and to serve as stewards of that mission; to implement the mission by engaging in pastoral planning; and to collaborate with the Parish Finance Council to maintain appropriate stewardship in implementing the mission of the parish.

Parish Finance Council 
The Finance Council serves as an advisory body to the pastor and Pastoral Council regarding the administration and stewardship of human resources, parish facilities, and parish finances, including the annual budget and long-range financial development for the individual parish.

Parish Liturgy Committee
The purpose of the Liturgy Committee is to assist the pastor in facilitating the liturgical prayer of the community, and in nourishing and giving direction to the liturgical worship of the parish. This includes a focus on elements of spirituality, music, environment, liturgical ministers, and attention to liturgical norms.

Parish Faith Formation Committee
The purpose of the Faith Formation Committee is to develop, oversee, and implement a comprehensive catechetical plan for the parish to provide for the lifelong faith formation and catechesis of all its members. Such a comprehensive plan aims at supporting the six tasks of catechesis: promotion of knowledge of the faith, liturgical education, moral formation, instruction to pray, education for community life, and missionary initiation.

Parish Stewardship Committee
The purpose of the Stewardship Committee is to encourage parishioners to exercise stewardship as an expression of gratitude to God and as a way of life for disciples of Christ; to foster a sense of belonging to and “ownership “ of the parish; to view evangelization as essential to stewardship and to assist with evangelization efforts in the parish; to encourage all committees, groups, families, and individuals to center themselves in prayer, especially prayer of gratitude; and to provide education about stewardship to parish leadership/committees and to all members of the parish.

Parish Social Justice Committee
The purpose of the Social Justice Committee is to continue the ministry of Jesus by service to marginalized persons and persons with special needs. This is accomplished through the promotion and coordination of programs that will promote justice and charity in full measure to all of God’s children. The Social Justice Committee provides opportunities for parish members to respond to the social needs of today.

Parish Life Committee
The purpose of the Parish Life Committee is to offer welcome to new parish members and to foster a sense of belonging for all parish members; to provide activities that both build and strengthen community within the parish and in its outreach efforts; and to assist the pastor in the pastoral care of the parish community.

Salt & Light: Young Adult Ministry
The purpose of the Young Adult Ministry is create opportunities for those in their 20's and 30's to grow in their faith, serve the Church and the world, and socialize. These opportunities, coordinated by the Young Adult Committee, include Eucharistic Adoration, guest lectures and discussions, and service events, among others.

Parish Evangelization Team
The Parish Evangelization Team strives to assist all councils, committees, groups and individuals of the parish to share the Good News of the gospel with all people.

Parish Marriage and Family Committee
The Marriage and Family Committee has been created to assist the vocations of marriage and family in our parish.  The mission of this committee is to strengthen Catholic values in the family by supporting marriage and the family life at all stages.

Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus helps families obtain economic security and stability through its life insurance, annuity, and long-term care programs. Knights also contribute funds and volunteer service hours to charitable causes and programs, including pro-life activities, in their parishes and communities.