Snowy the Elf (Fr. Thoman)

One day this past week I caught a spot on one of our local TV stations about using the Elf on a Shelf to motivate children's behavior in the days leading up to Christmas.  The segment ended with the presenter musing, "But I don't know what to do the rest of the year."  Well, guess what?  I have the perfect answer!

And it comes not from me but in a Christmas message from Daniel Cellucci, director of the Catholic Leadership Institute.  With a great deal of humor he relates that Snowy, the Elf on the Shelf in his household, suddenly disappeared on the Second Sunday of Advent - much to the consternation of the children.  He explains Snowy first showed up in 2010.  He and his wife decided to use this as a way to improve his children's behavior and because, as he says, "because everyone else was doing it."  Apparently this has caused more problems than it's worth.  And so Snowy disappeared - never to return!  He says he and his wife realized this became a distraction to the real reason for the season and was yet another example of parental abdication of authority.  Instead, he and his wife have decided to teach Christian virtues all year long!  What a concept!  

Fr. Dwayne Thoman


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