Spiritual Works of Mercy Series (Fr. Thoman)


I'm sure you recall we reflected upon, and put into practice, each of the Corporal Works of Mercy during the Year of Mercy. (Dec. 8, 2015 to Nov. 20, 2016)

We had a project for each work of mercy. Give Drink to the Thirsty: baby formula; Give Food to the Hungry: Red Bag Program; Clothe the Naked: clothing for school children; Visit Prisoners: letter program to homebound and those in prison; Shelter the Homeless: supported a deanery wide Habitat for Humanity Home; Visit the Sick: spiritual bouquets for the sick and a flu shot clinic; Bury the Dead: parishioners who are available to pray for the deceased at funeral rites. We found many wonderful and practical ways to live these works of mercy. But we did not focus too intently on the Spiritual Works of Mercy; we barely referred to them in passing.

So, beginning next Sunday, we will begin a series of bulletin inserts high-lighting each of the Spiritual Works of Mercy. You are invited to use these in any ways they are helpful for living out the Spiritual Works of Mercy. You can discuss and use the ideas in your family, prayer groups, committee meetings, share with friends, etc.

The Corporal Works of Mercy are very tangible and measurable. They are works of mercy for the body. For example, we can see the red bags and we can see food being donated. As someone who donates, that person can say "this is what I did." But the Spiritual Works of Mercy are more intangible. They are works of mercy for the spirit. For example, "Counsel the Doubtful." What does that look like? How do I know I did that? This is not very measurable. Nevertheless, we should still practice these works of mercy!

The inserts beginning next week will give us practical ideas about living them out. (Fr. Dwayne)

Published inserts can be viewed by clicking on their link:


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